Art By Andrew Lawson



Artist Bio

Andrew Lawson is a 2-D artist that resides in Midland and Lubbock, Texas. Currently Andrew is a Masters in Fine Art student at Texas Tech University studying printmaking. Working mainly in printmaking mediums, Andrew is drawn to the various processes it presents. Often combining these methods, Andrew works in intaglio, screen printing, lithography and monotype printmaking processes. At first glance, Andrew's work seems dark in subject matter but with further inspection the whimsical undertones come forward. Using a loose, illustrative drawing style, Andrew is able to give whimsical portrayals to more serious subject matters in his work. When not creating art, Andrew enjoys making music, cooking, reading and woodworking.

Artist Statement

The concept of my work revolves around social commentary related to globalization and the assimilation of societal aspects. Depicting my subject matter in dystopic settings, I hope to pose questions related to dystopic or utopic outcomes associated with current trends in our society. As old, nostalgic ways of living clash against the progress of modernity, I hope to engage the viewer in seeing two juxtaposing forces which influence a grand narrative across the larger body of my work. I oftentimes use the gas mask to represent how identity can be lost and confused in this globalized world.

Group Exhibitions


- ORIGINAL: Juried Exhibition of Contemporary Prints - Crooked Tree Arts Center - Traverse City, Michigan

- Real People 2019 - Old Court House Arts Center - Crystal Lake, Illinois

- Axis Gallery 14th National Juried Exhibition - Axis Gallery - Sacramento, California

- Unexpected Narratives: Explorations in Photography and Printmaking - Remarque Gallery - Albuquerque, New Mexico

- Texas National - SFA Galleries - Nacogdoches, Texas

- After Dark 8 - Greg Moon Art Gallery - Taos, New Mexico

- 2019 Atlanta Print Biennial - Kai Lin Art Gallery - Atlanta, Georgia

- New Contemporary: High Art, Low Art, and everything in between -

  Keep Contemporary Gallery - Santa Fe, New Mexico

- Innovation in Printmaking - Cade Art Gallery - Arnold, Maryland

- Freedom of Expression - Webster Arts Center - St. Louis, Missouri


- A Generous Kingdom III - Verum Ultimum Art Gallery, Portland, Oregon

- Impression: A National Printmaking Exhibition - d'Art Center - Norfolk, Virginia

- Impressed 2018: Behind the Hedges: Greoup Printmaking Show - Art Gym, Denver Colorado

- Impressions: Nationally Juried Printmaking Exhibition - Montgomery College, Rockville Maryland


- After Dark 6 - Greg Moon Art Gallery - Taos, New Mexico


- Art by Brad King and Andrew Lawson - Kamiposi Gallery, Midland, Texas

Art By Andrew Lawson

2503 Castleford

Midland, TX, 79705

Copywrite © Art by Andrew Lawson 2019

Solo Exhibition


- Solo Exhibition, Starr Struck Gallery - Houston, Texas


- Solo Exhibition, Kamiposi Gallery - Midland, Texas


- 2018 - Award of Merit, for piece titled: "The Takeover", MOCA Boardwalk Art Show, Virginia Beach, Virginia

- 2018 - Best in Printmaking - Scottsdale Arts Festival, Scottsdale, Artizona

- 2017 - St. Tammany Award - Covington Three Rivers Art Festival - Covington, Louisiana

- 2017 - 1st Place Printmaking, Midland Art Association Fall Juried Competition - Midland, Texas - "The Takeover", intaglio

- 2017 - Best in Show, Midland Art Association Spring Juried Competition, Midland Texas  "Storm in a Teacup" Oil with Resin

- 2017 -1st Place Printmaking, Midland Art Association Spring Juried Event, Mildland,Texas- "Space Oddity", Mezzotint

- 2017 - Best in Show - Celebration of the Arts - Midland, Texas